Good Business: Inga & Graeme of Parkwood Pottery (1 min Read)

Radical Giving - Uprising - Parkwood Pottery

Can you tell us about Parkwood Pottery and its history?

Parkwood Pottery was established in 2007 within a day centre for adults with learning disabilities. Since then we have gradually grown and now are a self-funding business.

What is the mission behind this exciting community enterprise?

We aim to provide creative work opportunities in a supported and therapeutic environment.

Can you take us through your everyday?

We work from 9am to 4pm. We look at the orders and practical jobs for the day in the morning and make a plan. Everybody contributes and works within their own abilities and interests.

At the end of the day we clean up and spend 10 minutes filling in our work journal and reflecting on our day.

Can you tell us the most moving experience that you’ve had through Parkwood Pottery?

The first time one of our potters was commissioned to produce their own work completely independently.

What is the process behind the making of your products?

We weigh and prepare the clay into balls.

We make our pots on the wheel as many as 30 at a time and all as identical as possible.

The pots are dried a little before adding handles and turning or trimming the base.

They are then totally dried and bisque fired at a low temperature.

When this is done they are ready for glazing and re-firing at a higher temperature. And that’s it!

What is your favourite Parkwood Pottery product?

Our mugs and jugs.

What was the last thing you bought?

As a pottery, a new kiln.

What is your life motto?

Do what you love.

What’s next for Parkwood Pottery?

To keep on developing as we are and enjoy it!

What do you think makes a good company?

Flexibility, generosity and staying true to your original vision.

Can you describe your workplace?

Big, sunny, spacious and fun.

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