Behind the Brand: Studio 306

Can you tell us a brief history of Studio 306?

Studio 306 Collective was set up as a workspace for individuals who had completed training through the Clarendon Recovery College in Haringey.

Year long courses in ceramics, sterling silver jewellery, sewing skills and screen printing were offered to individuals in the borough who were recovering from or living with mental health illness.

Following completion of these tutored courses we found that we had a collective of emerging makers who could benefit from a space to make as well as further training as required.

Studio 306 collective was established as an emerging social enterprise. Makers in the collective have a say in how it is run and attend regular studio meetings. The studio makes and sells work created by the collective group and then individual makers earn parity time and guidance to work on their own designs.

All monies raised by the sale of collective work are ploughed back into the collective to provide classes for further individuals to learn new skills and to have the opportunity to become makers.

So the collective is an evolving and ever growing entity.

What is the aim behind this exciting community enterprise?

Our aim can be summed up in three words “Recovery Through Creativity”.

We offer a safe space for individuals living with and recovering from mental health illness, an opportunity to engage with others, to learn new skills and to use creative endeavour as a means towards mental health recovery.

Can you take us through your everyday?

Weekly classes are run in each discipline by a tutor who is a specialist in each of the four creative areas. These classes are offered as an introduction to the skills needed to produce saleable work.

Following this students can attend further classes with specific instruction in how studio products are made.

After an agreed period of time individuals who are able to work independently are offered maker status within the collective.

Do the participants create their own designs or do they follow a brief?

Makers will follow a brief for products sold on behalf of the collective but are also able to propose such designs.

When maker led designs are sold on behalf of the collective, makers will receive a royalty from each sale. Makers are encouraged to make their own products in time earned and can use the studio facilities in order to do this.

Can you tell us the most moving experience that you've had through Studio 306?

It is difficult to isolate one story as in general we see people on a journey throughout their time with us.

One of the prevailing issues with our client group can be social anxiety. We often find that when people first engage with us they say very little at all. Over time, as individuals relax into our respectful and safe environment there is much more talking and enjoyment.

Friendships are formed between our makers and the word family is often used to describe the experience of being a part of Studio 306.

The joy on the face of someone who has sold a piece of work to a stranger for the first time is always a moment to savour.

For our readers, that are living with mental health problems, how can they be a part of Studio 306?

They would need to live locally to us but they can email the studio (or get someone to do so on their behalf) and we can guide them as to their best way to engage with us.

Where can we purchase all your beautifully hand-crafted products?

We sell the majority of our products through third parties both in shops and on line.

Details of our stockists can be found on our  website 

We also hold an annual open studio weekend. This year it will take place on 28th and 29th September at our studio on the fourth floor of Chocolate factory 3, 40 Cumberland Road, Wood Green, N22 7SG.

Great to hear about your invitation to the Royal Wedding, How was the day?

Our studio manger Pamela was the lucky recipient of the Royal Wedding invitation. She had a dress made especially for the occasion and we all saw her waving to the Royal couple on our TV’s.

Pamela wore a necklace and earrings made by our jewellery department. We had permission to auction the necklace after the event to raise funds for the studio, it went to a lucky bidder in the USA!

What's next for Studio 306?

We are moving to a new studio this Autumn where we will be able to spread out and have some key equipment closer to hand. We are all very excited about this!

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