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Uprising Good Business - Joynd Quilts

What's your life motto?

We have so many! But we often hear ourselves saying “buy cheap: buy twice!”, which is helpful when you have expensive taste. Oh, and any Dolly Parton quote ;)

What have you learnt so far?

Starting Joynd has been a new experience for us as sisters. We have learnt that we work really well together (phew), our strengths compliment each other and we are often each other’s biggest cheer leaders. We challenge each other, get the best from each other creatively and are so lucky to have each other.

Where is your favourite place?

Nashville, Tennessee. We’ve been lucky to visit a few times, and the city is full of our favourite things. Amazing coffee culture, talented musicians on every street corner, live music, street art, delicious southern cooking and the beautiful Smokey Mountains in the distance. The city is so full of energy, inspiration and creativity.

Name your three favourite words?

Love, Coffee and Hope.

What do you think makes a good company?

Passion, honesty, kindness and resilience. People like to buy from people, so the simplest things like being friendly and approachable can make a big difference. We’re passionate about every piece we make and are grateful for the lovely people that we come in contact with.

Can you describe your workplace?

Our home studio is full of fabrics, sewing machines, overlockers, and our own mini haberdashery. Dolly Parton often joins us on the speakers, good coffee fuels us, and the battle is real to keep it tidy and organised!

What is your favourite food?

Fresh lobster rolls, with butter and a slice of lemon. Preferably enjoyed in a sunny quaint seaside port in Maine, USA.

What can you not live without?

Our Cavapoo, Nellie. She’s our mascot, number one fan and chief cosiness quality inspector. And is happy to be paid in belly rubs.

What is the last thing you bought?

A gorgeous vintage quilted military liner jacket from one of our favourite independent stores, Salvage & Sawdust in Hove…we can’t resist anything quilted!

What advice would you give to the younger generation?

If we could offer you only one piece of advice for the future, sunscreen would be it.

Proudest moment?

We are still such a fledgling brand that we seem to have a lot of proudest moments! Seeing our handmade pieces in such a beautiful, inspiring store as Radical Giving has been really special for us. And seeing our products in their new homes always makes us proud.

What’s next?

We want to look at growing our product range this year, continue to be inspired, and learn more about our customers and our craft.

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