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Radical Giving - Good Business: Rachel of Nut & Noggin

What's your life motto?

Enjoy the moment, do it now!

What have you learnt so far?

That you're stronger than you think, that once you notice your thoughts you can do anything you want.

Where is your favourite place?

With my husband and dogs at home. The South of France when we can travel!

Name your three favourite words?

Peace, fun, love. Wow that makes me sound like a hippie!

What do you think makes a good company?

One that gives back, one that loves its customers, one that makes money.

Can you describe your workplace?

The kitchen table is my normal place of work, it's an old farmhouse one that was my grandmother's, it's had many years of experience! I spend most of my time here and when I'm not at it, I'm in the packing room, which is filled with inspiring quotes on the walls and Nut and Noggin goodies on the tables!

What is your favourite food?

Porridge! You can pimp it up so many ways - nuts, chocolate, fruit, honey, you name it!

What can you not live without?

My dogs, exercise, yoga.

What is the last thing you bought?

Probably a self help book - I'm the queen of self help!

What advice would you give to the younger generation?

Surround yourself with positive people, get quiet with yourself, know what your values are, set some goals and work towards them. Don't give up on yourself.

Proudest moment?

In work - winning the Best in Beauty Award from Bazaar magazine, getting a listing with Selfridges and with Radical Giving! In life, marrying my best friend, getting through losing my dad, getting happy after infertility, creating a meaningful life that I love :)

What’s next?

So many exciting things on the horizon for Nut and Noggin, some of them we can't talk about yet!

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