Tigermoth Coffee Peru San Fernando - Radical Giving
Tigermoth Coffee Peru San Fernando - Radical Giving

Tigermoth Coffee Peru San Fernando 250g

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Tigermoth Coffee Peru San Fernando 250g.

A delicious organically grown coffee from the heart of the Andes; perfect for all brewing methods.

Tasting notes: Fudge sweetness, roasted almonds, and soft citrus finish
Co-op: Incahuasi
Region: Cusco
Altitude: 1250 – 2050 MASL
Variety: Cattura, Catimor, Bourbon
Process: Washed

Tigermoth sources this coffee from Falcon Coffees. It’s organically grown and originates from the San Fernando Cooperative in the Cusco region of Peru. The Cooperative is made up of small-scale farmers from the indigenous Quechua community, living in two remote valleys in the heart of the Andes, and each farming on an average plot of just 1.5 hectares. Careful attention is paid to the health of the soils and irrigation to help the coffee trees thrive. The Cooperative is well known for the quality of their coffee, and in 2020 one of the farmers came 1st in the Cup of Excellence coffee competition in Peru.

The farmers are paid on average 30 per cent more than the standard commercial rate for organic Peruvian coffee. The Cooperative has eliminated the need for costly third-party milling by investing in the infrastructure to process and export the coffee itself, so almost all of this income can go direct to the farmers themselves. The Cooperative also has an active Women’s Committee that addresses health issues in the community, promotes school education, and provides an opportunity for women to support each other.

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