Radical Giving - UpCircle
Radical Giving - UpCircle

UpCircle Bamboo Cotton Buds

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UpCircle Bamboo Cotton Buds.

These tough Cotton Buds have been made from a sustainable source of bamboo and the tips are made with organic cotton.

What we love: UpCircle are all about the circular economy. They create competitively priced, high performing, by-product beauty products.

By using upcycled ingredients in all of their products, they are successfully demonstrating how the beauty industry can be waste free.

UpCircle products are natural, sustainable, vegan, plastic free, cruelty-free, palm-oil free, made in the UK, handmade, repurposed, organic, waste fighting and come in beautiful 100% recyclable packaging.

  • Sustainable alternative to plastic buds
  • 100% plastic free and biodegradable
  • Buds are housed in a recycled paper box
  • 100% Recyclable