Menteath Wild Path Body Oil- Radical Giving
Menteath After the Rain Body Oil - Radical GivingMenteath Wild Path Body Oil- Radical Giving
Menteath Wild Path Body Oil- Radical Giving
Menteath Wild Path Body Oil- Radical Giving
Menteath Wild Path Body Oil- Radical Giving

Menteath Wild Path Body Oil

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Menteath Wild Path Body Oil.

Formulated with utterly luxurious ingredients, Wild Path is deeply hydrating, so this blend leaves dry skin moisturised and supple, lines, and rough patches smoothed, revitalised, and the mind elevated and relaxed.

Dry/ Mature/ Combination

Floral, Woody

Soothing, Hydrating

Rose Otto, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Dense in Vitamin E, C, D, and a rich source of Omega 3, 6, and 9.


Felicity has fused traditional smoke rituals from the Middle East and Old England, bringing together ancient traditions, conservation, wildlife, with beauty in nature. The history of our sacred trees has long inhabited our forests in England, reigniting the life journey and meaning of Paganism and how we connect with our woodlands and the animals that inhabit it.

Felicity's smokey wood infusion aims to replicate the ancient ritualistic practice of smoke bathing, often referred to as Dukhan in countries like Sudan. This Arabic practice involves smoking scented wood, such as talih and shaff, and often sandalwood - Trees which are considered to have spiritual and healing properties.

Once the wood is smouldering a blanket of thick wool is draped over the body to create a chamber of smoke. The process is used in regions historically to treat arthritis and remove toxins from the skin. Felicity embodies this ritual to recreate Dukhan through her range of plant derived woody and smoke infused oils.

From the maker: My approach to smoke infusing draws on the Pagan tradition of finding your way into and through the forest. For me, coming to know a forests open space and groves, its trickles and wild flowers, the high spots and shady valleys, the tangled roots and dark corners, learning the paths within, and the way of all who inhabit the forest. I harvest fallen trees four times a year in line with the seasons in two woodland locations in Sussex, England, and Perthshire, Scotland. Each tree species allows me to create small batches of beautifully fragranced plant-derived oils.