Grafton Yard - Cream Candle - Radical Giving
Grafton Yard - Cream Candle - Radical Giving
Grafton Yard - Cream Candle - Radical Giving

Cream Candle

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Beautifully handcrafted from raw materials using an eco-resin called Jesmonite. Freddie and Rebecca then make these lovely vessels into candles, using vegetable wax infused with 100% pure essential oils for an eco-friendly clean burn.  

What we love: Once you have enjoyed burning your candle fully, you can reuse your jar by purchasing just the refill directly from Grafton Yard Candles - saving the planet and your wallet! 

These cream handmade jars are available in any one of these three luxurious botanical scents.


A soothing and truly relaxing scent. Let the calming floral aroma wrap you in a warm blanket of tranquility, allowing your mind and body to unwind. Ideal for creating a peaceful atmosphere for your night-time ritual.

Notes: Lavender


Feel uplifted with this symphony of citrus fruits. The zesty aromas infused with floral notes will transport you to a tranquil Italian orchard in the warming morning sun. Brighten your home with the vibrancy of summer.

Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mandarin


Feel grounded with the warmth of musky timber. These earthy notes will whisk you away to magical forests, helping you restore balance. Ideal for a cosy evening to help you recharge and relax after a long day.

Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Cypress

  • Size - 160g
  • Burn Time - 40 relaxing hours
  • Jar dimensions - Diameter 8cm x Height 7.5cm
  • Vegan, 100% vegetable wax, infused with only pure essential oils. The wicks are made using pure cotton with no bleaching. 
  • The jars are made by hand using Jesmonite, an eco-resin.

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