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Kleen Soaps - Comfort & Joy

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We've been using eco-friendly soap for a while now but have struggled to find a really good natural soap on a rope...and then Kleen soaps washed into our lives and we were instantly bowled over! 

Handcrafted in London, this invigorating soap on a rope is vegan friendly, palm oil and paraben free and has been designed to gently exfoliate and purify your body through a nourishing blend of Cinnamon, clove and orange.

What we love: These soaps are designed to help you reduce the use of plastic in your home by ensuring that no soap is unused through a centered cotton rope, giving you a long lasting, waste free product. The soap also come with a handy cotton travel bag.

For more info on Kleensoaps check out our makers page here.

  • Cinnamon, clove and orange
  • Handcrafted in London
  • Vegan friendly, palm oil and paraben free
  • All packaging is eco-friendly
  • Weight approx - 160g
  • Comes with a handy cotton travel bag
  • Not tested on animals, only tested on friends and family