Radical Giving - The Governor Coffee Blend - Redemption Roasters
Radical Giving - The Governor Coffee Blend - Redemption Roasters

Cemorrado Coffee Blend

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Nothing beats a delicious cup of coffee. Apart from a delicious cup of coffee that also supports a great cause!

Start you day the right way with our small batch Cemorrado Coffee Blend. With notes of Cocoa, Honey and Cane Sugar this makes for a real tasty cup of Joe.

What we love: Prisoners are 50% more likely to re offend if they leave prison without skills and a job. Redemption Roasters mission is to prevent this by roasting these delicious coffee beens at Aylesbury Prison.

Young offenders are trained in roasting, brewing and barista skills, which ultimately creates more employment opportunities when they leave prison. 

Directions: Best served as a filter.

For more info on Redemption Roasters check out our makers page here

  • Size - 250g
  • Small batch grounded coffee
  • Best used as a filter
  • Tasty Notes - Cocoa, Honey and Cane Sugar
  • Origin -Central and South America
  • Roasted in Aylesbury Prison