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Goldrick Organic Beeswax Melts Lavender

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Goldrick Organic Beeswax Melts Lavender.

A chill mix of delicious beeswax, pure soy wax, and calming organic lavender: the ideal antidote to anxiousness and chaos. Crafted with organic lavender essential oils, these are ideal for your space 'cause they're delicate, tranquil, and totally toxin-free! With a sweet whiff from the Provence, they naturally scented our home - what more could you want?

From the Maker: 

I love scent and believe it’s such an important part of every home. However most products are filled with synthetic ingredients and are overpowering. Our lavender melts are subtle and natural.

The scent of lavender paired with sweet beeswax is my favourite. It was also important to me that the essential oil used for sourced organically. I found a beautiful little distillery in France that make their own small batches of essential oils.

I hope you will enjoy our lavender melts as much as we do,

Eileen (Founder of Goldrick)

Beeswax, Organic French Lavender, Soy Wax & Lavender Petals

What we love: 

Beeswax candles have been around for centuries and are a total fan favorite! Not only are they renewable and eco-friendly, but they dazzle with the same bright white light as the sun. Plus, they have a sweet honey fragrance that's hard to resist. And, for those with allergies or asthma, these candles are hypo-allergenic for added peace of mind.

Product details and Packaging: 

12 x beeswax melts , approximately 5 hours burn time per melt. Delicately presented in a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Gift Bag.


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