Radical Giving - Ethos Magazine Issue 4

Ethos Magazine Issue 4

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We're always trying to push forward with new, radical business ideas, but we all need some inspiration from time to time.

We love sitting down with a cuppa and diving into one of Ethos's brilliantly written and engaging articles.

Charmingly curated and with a great eye for design, any issue of Ethos Magazine is always a captivating read!

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What we love: Ethos is a magazine for and about people who embrace new and innovative ways of doing business. Ethos covers stories about the most progressive business leaders, their teams, ethos and ideas to give you a unique insight into how they’re changing how business is done.

Issue 4: From Bangladesh to Barcelona; Hamburg to El Hierro, issue four of Ethos magazine covers everything from ethical fashion, to electric vehicles, sport and the sustainable development goals. We meet John Thackara, global advisor and public speaker, who advocates for sustainability and the importance of community. Primark gives us the lowdown on its ethical and environmental initiatives. We explore the unique island of El Hierro through our photo story; and we reflect on two years since the plastic bag charge came into effect in the UK - is there really a more ecologically friendly alternative?