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How to Quit Fast Fashion

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Cheap fashion takes a huge toll on our planet. With 21 billion tons of textiles being dumped every year, uneasy shoppers are looking for ways to curb their fast fashion habits, while not compromising on trends, choice and affordability.

Across 100 easy-to-follow tips, How to Quit Fast Fashion will help you lessen your clothing's impact on our eco-system, while remaining fashionable and well-dressed. Expert advice will help you to adapt your lifestyle and practical strategies will give you the tools to curate a more sustainable wardrobe without sacrificing style. Officially quit fast fashion today by:

  • Reframing your closet
  • Shopping more efficiently
  • Sustainably keeping up with trends
  • Making your favourite clothes last longer
  • Knowing what your clothes labels really mean


Emma Mathews is the founder of sustainable British sock brand Socko, which has been featured in the Independent, Guardian and Red magazine. She is a life-long maker and is passionate about combatting planned obsolescence through craft. She lives in London.