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Breathe & Be Incense Cones Sunlight Lemon Verbena

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Breathe & Be Incense Cones Sunlight Lemon Verbena.

Sunlight: For that mid-morning verve, burn our rejuvenating citrusy, Lemon Verbena incense cone. It enhances concentration and cognitive function, elevating mood. It also works as an eco insect and mosquito repellent.

A few interesting facts about the ingredient in our Sunlight cones - Lemon Verbena (Aloysia Citrodora), originated in Peru and Chile and first introduced to Britain in 1784. In the 18th and early 19th century it was a common garden plant that was valued for its beautifully fragranced leaves and later appreciated for its medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Perfect to burn for a natural afternoon pick-me-up.


Aromatise and elevate the ambience of your space with our custom blended Incense Cones. Perfect to use at home, on the go, travelling, handbag & pocket size.

Eighteen months in the making, our cones were specifically created with you in mind, to use as a natural, gentle, support aid throughout your day. Starting with Daylight for calm and mindfulness, onto Sunlight for midday rejuvenation, Twilight, an early evening invite to step into a slower way of being, through to Moonlight, promoting the right mindset for a restful night sleep.

Our Incense Cones come in four fragrances, Daylight (Bambusa), Sunlight (Lemon Verbena), Twilight (Aloe) and Moonlight (Geramium). They are housed in a size silver tin with a sliding lid, each one contains eleven cones, with a burning time of twenty minutes, room aromatised for up to two hours.

What we love: Breathe & Be Incense use only the purest botanicals and natural ingredients, with a blend of undiluted essential oils, resin, woods and herbs. Which also makes them non-toxic, chemical free, 100% natural, vegan, with no animal extracts or artificial fragrances used.

Breathe & Be packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, using only vegan dyes and glues.

Origin: The incense cones are handcrafted in small batches from ingredients grown in the UK, following our formulated bespoke blends.

Dimensions: Tin: 8cm Length x 5cm Width x 1.5cm Height | Incense Cone: 3cm Height


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