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Breathe & Be Smoke Cleansing Incense Sweetgrass

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Breathe & Be Smoke Cleansing Incense Sweetgrass.

A type of grass which has a distinct fresh hay scent with hints of warm vanilla. It is also called Holy Grass, Vanilla Grass, Bison Grass or Buffalo Grass.

The three strands of the braid represent love, kindness and honesty. It brings positivity, promotes happiness, joy, open-heartedness, harmony and serenity. Use during gatherings as it helps groups of people become better attuned to one another.

It also has meditative properties and is perfect for a restorative nights sleep.


Aromatise and purify the ambience of your home, garden, yoga and meditation space with our new Smoke Cleansing Range. Available in five different sages, White Sage, Black Sage, Dragon’s Blood, Yerba Santa, Copal, one grass - Sweetgrass and a Seasonal Limited Edition.

The burning of sage has been a common practice amongst traditions throughout the ages. It is an ancient ritual, deeply rooted in many cultures, for the purpose of cleansing and healing.

What is Smoke Cleansing?

Smoke cleansing is the process of burning various sacred herbs, resins or woods in order to purify the energy in any given space. It is also used to purify one’s own energy, as well as items such as crystals, clothing and decor. This purification occurs when the smoke produces from the burning of these sacred herbs spread into the air, neutralising positive charge and releasing negative ions.

Why Use Sage For Smoke Cleansing?

Sage comes from the Latin word Salvia, meaning ‘to heal’. Scientific research has prove that sage not only boosts memory. cognitive function and mood, due to the negative ions when burnt, but it also clears up to 94% of airborne bacteria and disinfects the air. It is therefore understandable why this sacred herb has been used globally throughout time due to its many healing properties.

Organic, Eco Packaging:

Each one is *housed a Fairtrade, unbleached, hand-cut, organic cotton drawstring bag with a guided information leaflet printed from eco-friendly paper which comes from sustainable, recycled sources. Thee perfect, portable travel size bag to keep connected to your rituals wherever you may be. The drawstring bag can also be reused time and time again. *Excludes our Seasonal Limited Edition due to their fragility and size.

Dimensions are approximate as each bag is hand-cut: Organic Cotton Bag: Height 20cm | Width: 14cm

Sages: Length: 11cm | Circumference: 13cm / Grass: Length: 83cm

Origin: Organically cultivated by a small native family in America with whom we work directly. What makes our range unique is that we cut, assemble and bind our sage and grass using organic hemp in house. Our sages are almost double in circumference than most as is our sweetgrass length.

Guidance For Use: When you first receive your smoke cleansing stick/grass, take time to connect by holding it, inhaling it’s natural aromas and place in different rooms around your home so that you come to be in tune with each other prior to lighting for any given ritual.

When you are ready to light your stick/grass, take a moment; pause and breathe, drawing attention to your inhalation and exhalation. Set and focus your intention while showing respect and gratitude for these sacred herbs. You may want to say an affirmation or prayer and bring in other items like crystals, a candle or a singing bowl. Open a window or door to allow the energy to move freely. Using a candle flame or matchstick, light the tip of your stick/grass, holding it at a 45-degree angle and allow to burn for about 20 seconds before gently blowing out the flame so that you see orange embers on the lit end. You can either keep hold of the stick/grass, continuing to blow onto the lit end, or place it in a heat-resistant bowl. You are now ready to start the process of cleansing your space. object or self by allowing the smoke to move and purify.

When complete, extinguish the stick/grass, expressing gratitude and take some time to sit in silence to see what insights come to you. After smoke cleansing, we encourage you to light some incense, in order to allow its yin energy to bring balance to the yang energy of the herbs/grass. We recommend smoke cleansing at least once a week.

Sage and sweetgrass can also be placed whole in wardrobes and drawers to aromatise clothes or under a pillow to aids restorative sleep.

Safety: Please use with care. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Never leave burning sage/grass unattended. Ensure the area is well ventilated. The sage/grass should be cold to touch and completely extinguished before leaving unattended.


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