Radical Giving - Joynd Quilts
Radical Giving - Joynd Quilts

Joynd HOME Wall Flag

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Home is where the heart is and this wonderfully designed wall flag hangs proudly in our home and in our store!

What we love: Joynd is a textile company founded by sister team Emma Karley and Becca Rose. All items are handmade in the UK by Emma and Becca in their home studios. Each piece is machine pieced then hand stitched and assembled.

From the maker: "We were taught how to patchwork and quilt by our wonderful Mum, and we share a love of Pumpkins, Tennessee, Poutine, Parks And Recs and constantly (but always unintentionally) dress alike".

  • Size - 17" x 9"
  • Colours - Black and cream
  • Made from 100% felt
  • Hand stitched and assembled
  • Solid wooden hanger with butchers string