Nancy Meiland Eglantier Candle - Radical Giving
Nancy Meiland Eglantier Candle - Radical Giving
Nancy Meiland Eglantier Candle - Radical Giving

Nancy Meiland Eglantier Candle

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Nancy Meiland Eglantier Candle.

Nancy Meiland's soy wax candles offer a clean and even burn for a whopping 60 hours. Emanating natural botanicals of salt, sage, salt, rosehip, tuberose, orange blossom, patchouli + sandalwood. A continuous and ambient way to enjoy the Nordic seascape fragrance of ÉGLANTIER.

A marine-floral evocation of a Nordic coastal scene, infused with botanicals from the wider area.  The scent invigorates as far as it envelops the wearer, with a strong sense of the wild and sacredly serene.

Bracing and enigmatic, ÉGLANTIER is an olfactory impression of a special place in Denmark. Here, two seas perpetually meet in a collision of waves – at times gently, at others with sweeping force – and this Nordic scent is an evocation of their overlapping at sunset, when the tide is out and the sand stretches away with a warm, coral glow.

Neroli, crushed ambrette seed, fleur d’oranger, tuberose, jasmine glandiflorum and rosehip swirl together before softening out into cardamom, patchouli, encens, vertiver, sandalwood and vanilla.

About the maker: Nancy Meiland is a perfumer and trained nose who shaped her career in bespoke perfumery, designing signature scent for those coveting something highly individual and special. PAPER LEAF is Nancy’s first collection of five fragrances as Nancy Meiland PARFUMS. She has created them as an ode to all she treasures, and her hope is that they come to mean the same to those who wear them.
Size: 220g
Burn Time: 60 hour

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