Radical Giving - No need to die Steve Edge
Radical Giving - No need to die Steve Edge

No Need To Die Book

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“Life. It’s a simple thing. Something to embrace, enjoy, savour, discover. Something to throw yourself into without hesitation or delay. But every now and then, we seem to loose sight of this. We get so swept up in things, so caught up in the minute of everyday life, that we forget the basics. We forget what made us love life in the first place. This book is here to jog your memory. It’s your trusty sidekick, your loyal companion. It’s the very stuff of life packed into 30 bite-sized lessons. So here you have it, your life in your hands.”

What we love: Get your hit of wisdom. ‘No Need To Die’ is the second of Steve Edge’s limited edition books. Beautifully finished with a thread sewn foil block front cover.

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